My Heart goes Boom

And just like that, you are 6 months old.

6 is a yummy number

6 is a yummy number!

I have to admit, I thought we’d never get here.

But we did. We survived.

Newborn jaundice, colic, acid reflux, UTI scares. Even that nail cutting incident I never want to talk about.

Despite our over-anxious and nervous parenting, you are thriving. And today, your stellar achievements include rolling, belching unassisted and fitting all ten toes into your mouth.

I’ve never felt prouder and more blessed.

You mean this drooling, cereal-chomping lump of squishy loveliness came from me? Wow. God is good.

Baby Jules, you’re the best thing mama has ever made.

Happy 6 months, puppy.

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