Slow down, Baby!

This 6 month milestone has been keeping us busy!

In just a couple of weeks Jules has managed several firsts:


Mozzie, meet Julian.

1. He made his first mosquito friend. And she gave him his first TWELVE love bites! In return, we promptly executed Project Wipeout. We also called up NEA and they inspected our house to ensure we weren’t breeding the nasty bloodsuckers. It’s been a harrowing two weeks of patches, sprays, more patches and nets. No new bites have appeared yet, so…phew!

2. Someone managed to sleep for 7 hours straight! Just when we thought our attempt at sleep training Jules was more or less an epic fail, he pulled this stunt. God bless this baby.

3. Someone also caught his first cold. Which pretty much obliterated the whole sleep thing. With a stuffy nose, it was hard for J to drink, much less catch a few peaceful hours of zzzz. So naturally, there was quite a bit of crying.  Call me crazy, but I sorta enjoy having a manja babe to care for. Of course, I’m also thankful when J got better and was back to his old self within a week.

4. Expanding his gastronomic repertoire. Houston, we are on solids! This is perhaps more a milestone for me than him, because I feel less pressure to match my dwindling milk supply to his ever-increasing demand. Hopefully, more of those extra calories can be supplied by other type of foods now!

All in all, the little man is proving to be a consummate multi-tasker. He’s learning so many things at once – how to sit, vocalise, drink from a sippy cup… And he’s definitely getting very mobile! Time to figure out the baby-proofing!