Love letter to my new daughter


Dear Layla,

As a girl, I was brought up to always be polite, kind, pleasing – sugar, spice and everything nice.

Please know I’m nurturing none of that! Well, except the kind part. That’s important. Okay, maybe politeness too.

To mark your first week of arrival, here are my wishes for you. They serve as a guide to how I’d like to steer you in life.

Of course, all this is only a guide. Your future is way more than the influence I have over you, limited only by your imagination.

My daughter, I wish for you to be brave. That you have the courage to be true to yourself and be the kind of girl you want to be, not the kind of girl others want you to be.

I pray that you will love yourself. And that you never, ever, question your worth.

I pray you don’t strive for popularity or prettiness. Instead, strive for difference. Both personally in what makes you unique, and in terms of community and how you can impact your world.

I pray that you will experience creativity, passion and joy throughout your life.

Finally, I pray that you have compassion. That respect for human dignity guides you in all your actions.

Happy 1st week, Layla!

Dear Layla, may you grow into a woman who radiates beauty from her mind and soul.

I look forward to many more weeks to come with you.

Love, momma

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  1. Irene Chua Hwee Kee says:

    Charlene, one of the best gifts God has given us is gift of children and grandchildren. It’s tough sometimes but each day’s surprises Is a message from the Lord .

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