Vroom! A Cars Birthday Party

In a blink of an eye, Jules turned two. This boy is growing up fast and furious, so it’s rather appropriate we themed his party after his favourite character of the moment, Lightning McQueen. That was the grand intention at least. In the end, we made do with a very loosely-themed cars party. But it was still pretty fun!

J Turns 2

Surveying his poolside cars party

Choosing cars as a theme was a no-brainer really. It was practically his first word. Up there with “Da-Da”. But after spending heaps on his first birthday party with a fondant cake, hot-air helium balloon set-up and an open ice cream bar, I decided to scale back for the second year. Besides, I now had a 3-month-old occupying most of my free time and resources.

So we had a simple catering with some rented wheeled entertainment for the little guests.  The condo’s poolside BBQ pit shelter came with an open area for the party toys. I went with an assortment of pedal rides and one electric car from Toys4Rent, plus a water and sand play table for those less interested in vehicles.

Electric Toy Car

Hmm, a two-door. Check.

Toy Car Rental

Little Tike Bike

As it turns out, the boy who loved cars had no interest in riding them at all. Jules much preferred the Fisher Price water and sand play table which came with mini toy vehicles that he repeatedly dunked and lifted up. Two year olds. The only thing you can count on with them is unpredictability.


No car rides for him, but J still had a splashin’ good time with his cuz.

Photography by James Hii | www.jameshii.com

Decorations were minimal, partly because we arrived so late to set up! Thank goodness for my brother, mum and helper who bothered to inflate the gold foil HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons while we busied ourselves with other things. It created the perfect photo backdrop for the cake cutting.

Birthday Gold Foil Balloons

Mum Foil Balloons

This year, I went with a young home baker whose yummy chocolate ganache cakes have been a part of some family gatherings lately. I gave SY.T my theme and she came back with a design for an 8-inch Chocolate and Milo buttercream Lightning McQueen cake with checkered flag buntings. Really cute.

Lightning McQueen Cake

When the cake arrived it looked a tad small for our 30-something party. But after slicing it in 2 x 2 inches rations, it turned out we still had enough for seconds and some left overs.

Small Cars Cake

It’s Lightning!

The goody bags were scored from Qoo10 and I was really pleased with them. I chose Disney Cars themed projection watches for the boys and Minions and Hello Kitty for the girls. For just S$4 a pop they  came individually wrapped in a bag of your choice, with matching ties and tags. They were a hit with the 3-to-5 year olds. I don’t normally bother with online purchase reviews but I just had to leave this seller four stars for offering such great value party gifts for time-starved mums like me.

Cake Cutting

Overall, I think everyone had a pretty decent time. There were some inevitable hitches. Like how our sand and water play table didn’t come with sand (it’s a top up order, it turns out). And the mainly Peranakan dishes catered from Chilli Api were yummy for the adults but a tad too spicy for some kids. A very rookie party planning mistake.

Enjoying Satay

Ju and Mei Mei

Mei Mei, are you having fun too?

Happy Ju with Cake

But it’s always a good sign when you hear squeals of delight from the children. Best of all, Jules was running around, laughing and hamming up for the camera all evening. He really enjoyed the festivities, the attention and the cake. In fact, he enjoyed cake so much, we had two more cake cutting sessions the week after – one in school and another at home on his actual birthday! Lucky puppy.

Ju Running

Happy Birthday, Jules. Stay funny, crazy and healthy always. We love you.