Extraordinary Eloise

A few years ago, I received a grant to publish a children’s book.

I wrote it as a celebration of a child’s individuality and a voice of assurance to all little girls who grow up against the pressures of fitting into society.

Extraordinary Eloise is available on Amazon and Book Depository and as an app on iTunes.

A little bit more:

Like most children, Eloise yearns to be special and loved by everyone. She is so insecure about her lack of any perceivable gift or talent, and so horrified by her prospect of ordinariness, that she starts imitating the girls in school whom she thinks are special.


Eloise’s failed pursuit of celebrity status will tickle little people’s funny bones and her eventual discovery of her own dormant talent will inspire children to pursue their own passions, to quit trying to be someone else, and to start being more like themselves.

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